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Lean Experiment Design

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When to Use it
  • You need to make a business decision,
  • The situation or business model is new or there is
    no single correct answer
  • More information would help you
    make the decision
  • You have a limited time to collect new
  • This is testing another bullet point
Who Should Use It
Best for beginning practitioners who just want to get started documenting their business experiments.
More advanced practitioners should consider using the Learn S.M.A.R.T. template to document additional details, such as the Prediction and Fail Condition of an Evaluative Experiment.
Experts often use the Learn S.I.M.P.L.E. template after they have mastered Learn S.M.A.R.T. and can apply those concepts without the reminders on the template.
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How it Works

Read through the template from top to bottom and fill out sections as you go. For each section, use the prompts to generate a number of ideas before deciding on what to fill out on the template. 

why agile doesn't work
This resource is only available to program Kickoff Mini Module
  • Question - 
    Identify what you need to know. Based on the business decision you need to make, what information would help you make the right decision? Choose only one question to focus on.
  • Data -
    Identify the data that would help you answer that single question. There may be a number of different data sources that are available to answer any given question. You may select several data sources.
  • Plan -
    Create individual plans to gather the data you selected. What is the simplest way you can gather each individual piece of data? You do not need as much data as you think! Think of plans that you can do in one week. Then select the simplest, fastest plan than will get you the most data. Eliminate any other ideas and remove data you don’t plan to collect.
  • Result -
    Don’t fill this out yet! Go and run the experiment or research project by executing on your plan, then record the results after. If they don’t all fit on the page, just add a summary and write down where someone could find the complete results.
  • Test
    This is a test
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Tristan Kromer
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Nick Noreña
Nick Noreña is an innovation coach based out of San Francisco who has spent the last 5 years working in the startup and corporate innovation space. He has worked with over 100 businesses as a coach, educator, and entrepreneur. Nick specializes in helping early stage startup or corporate teams validate their business ideas.
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